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Getting It “Right The First Time”

by Karen Mak on 03/06/2017

As an agent, there’s something thrilling about opening the SmartRocket app and seeing hundreds, maybe thousands, of missions waiting for you. It’s a gold rush as agents roll up their sleeves and tear into their work around their neighbourhoods and cities. 

But as the missions are submitted and start rolling into the queue for quality checking the hard work of the validation team begins – assessing each and every (yes, 100%!) mission to ensure that it reaches an acceptable quality standard. 

Our clients make important assessments and decisions based on the data collected and reported and must therefore have a high degree of confidence in the work of the SmartRocket agents and diligence of the validators. 

Do it right the first time 2

Validation Outcomes  

100% of all submitted missions are “validated” – checked for any quality issues. It may be very tempting to submit a mission and “hope for the best” but quality issues are usually always detected. 

On each project, a percentage of all submitted missions will be found to have some quality issues. The validation team will identify these issues and decide to approve, fix and approve, redo or reject the mission. 






There are no issues and the mission is accepted. 


Fix and Approve 

Some minor issues that can be fixed by the validator who can use the mission photos to correct small entry errors, such as an incorrect price or count of shelf facings.  

The validator will also inform the agent of the small errors and ask for improvement. 



Some minor issues that are not fixable by the validator and will require the agent to revisit the store and redo one or more questions. The mission must be redone within a limited time period otherwise it will expire. 



The mission has significant issues (a major issue or too many minor issues) and cannot be fixed by validator or agent and will be rejected. These missions must be redone completely. 

The Benefits of “Right First Time” 

There are many benefits to improving accuracy so that missions are approved on the first time submitted. 




  1. Projects can be completed on time, enabling faster decision making 
  2. Improved confidence in our data 


  1. No need to revisit stores 
  2. Earn more money 
  3. Higher reputation score (more work) 
  4. Less stress and frustration 


  1. Less time spent scrutinising low quality work 
  2. Less frustration 
top tips

Tips for Success 

Our mission is to provide mission instructions/videos that provide agents the right information to be able to submit high quality missions and get it Right First Time. 

Each project is different but here are some general tips for improving your success rates; 

  1. Read all instructions carefully and watch all/any videos provided. 
  2. Preview the mission before entering the store 
  3. Take high quality photos. Missions cannot be validated from poor quality and incomplete photos.  
  4. Take your time in the store, it is not a race. Be extremely thorough when looking for products on shelves and elsewhere. Quite often, the target products may be available in more  than one place. 
  5. Make sure you have located the exact target product. Many products are very similar with slightly different variations like size/weight or flavour etc. 
  6. Always check the address of the store you are visiting. The location pin is only for guidance. 
  7. Always add additional comments at the end of the mission that will help the validator understand any issues or problems you had with the mission 

Take a Little Extra Time 

Some agents are consistently achieving 100% success rate while others are not. What is the main reason? It is patience and diligence.  

It is frustrating and time-wasting for all parties when missions do not get approved first time in validation. To avoid this, agents should aim for 100% approval rate by taking time to fully read instructions and watch videos and to not speed through missions without applying full application of the mission objectives. 

Keep up the good work and strive for perfection.