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App Tour 101

by Karen Mak on 04/05/2017



This is a great overview of the main app functionality for new users.

1. Training Missions
All new agents start with a rank of Recruit (Level 1) and must complete a series of 2-3 simple Level 1 training missions before advancing to rank of Cadet (Level 2). 
Training missions are usually paid missions and are aimed at delivering critical knowledge and practical experience of in-store missions. You only need to complete a single mission on each Level 1 project.
The Map View shows all the mission locations while the List View shows all the projects.

2. Project Details

Click a project to open the Project Details screen.

For this Beer Price Check mission, we can see –


  • The project start and deadline
  • An expiry of 2 hours which means you must submit the mission within 2 hours of claiming it
  • The missions are worth HK$13 and above and 100 Rocket Points
  • There are 483 locations currently available to choose from
  • The mission should only take around 4 minutes


Click on Show Missions to show all the locations in Map View.


3. Map View

In the Map View, the green pins are missions available to you. Purple pins are missions that are not yet active but can be seen and, sometimes, claimed in advance.

The number inside the pin represents the mission fee for this location.

Click on the pin to reveal the brief details such as fee, rocket points and distance from your current location. 

Click on the mission again to open the Mission Details screen.


4. Mission Details Screen

Here you can see information specific to this location. Such as;


  • Task ID – to be used for any later identification
  • Address – always follow the address and not the pin
  • Preview – before claiming a mission, you should preview it to be sure it’s a mission your comfortable with
  • Claim – click this button to make this mission your own. Only claim missions that you are confident of completing.


5. Claiming Missions

Click Claim and you will get an option to Start later or Start Now. In both cases the mission will have the same deadline.

If you fail to submit the mission before the deadline, you will lose the mission and your ReputationScore will be affected. This may affect your ability to claim missions in the future.

If you choose to Complete Later, you can find the mission from the side bar menu in My Missions.

The number of missions that you can claim concurrently depends on your Rank.


6. Completing Missions

Start the mission once you arrive at the location. Make double sure that you are at the correct location. Remember to find the listed address. The pin is only for reference.

To get your mission approved, follow all instructions very carefully and make sure you watch any briefing videos that may be shown.

Photo questions are exceptionally important and without good photos we cannot approve your missions. Make sure your photos are well lit, well framed and satisfy the requirements of the question.


7. Submitting Missions

At the end of a mission you have the chance to Submit Now or Submit Later. It is always best to Submit Now if you have an Internet connection.

If the Mission Data Size is very large, you may choose to Submit Later once you can get onto a Wi-Fi connection.

If you choose to Submit Later, you can find the mission in My Missions. It will be blue. Tap on it and click Submit Now.


8. Transmitting Missions

Directly after submission, your mission will show in My Missions as Transmitting. Progress is shown by the media counter which counts off the photos/videos that are included in the mission.

In the example below, you can see that so far 1 out of 2 images has been submitted.

You should try and stay connected to the internet while missions are transmitting. If the connection is broken, the app will continue to attempt to send the missions, when internet is available, for the next 24 hours before giving up.


9. Mission Validation

Once successfully transmitted to the server, the mission will show in My Missions as Mission In Validation and is queued for approval by the Validation team.

Validation usually takes place within a few hours but during peak periods, it can sometimes take until next day.

There are 3 outcomes to Validation;

1.      Approved – there are no problems and the mission is accepted

2.      ReDo – there are some small issues that you need to fix before it can be approved

3.      Reject – the mission is unacceptable because you visited the wrong store, some critical information is wrong or there are too many small mistakes to fix

The Validation team will attempt to fix any small mistakes by themselves if they are able.

Regardless of the outcome;


  • You will receive a pop up message about the result
  • Redo/Reject results will be accompanied by comments from the validator explaining the reasons for Redo and Reject
  • The mission will still be visible in My Missions for up to 24 hours


If you cannot complete the Redo mission, you should withdraw from the mission.


10. Rocket Points and Ranks

In the side bar menu, you can check on your Rocket Points, RankandReputation

You will earn Rocket Points for each mission completed.

Rocket Points help you get promoted to the next Rank (Level).

A higher Rank can mean; 


  • you are eligible for more projects and missions
  • you can claim more missions at one time



11. Reputation

All agents will earn aReputation Score from 0 to 100.

Agents with higher Reputation scores can be eligible for more projects and missions.

The Reputation score is calculated by taking the average of the Accuracy ScoreandtheReliability Score.

Reliability is defined as the percentage of missions that you claim and eventually submit.

Accuracy is defined as the percentage of missions that you submit that become Approved.

Reputation is highly valued and can be seen in the side bar menu of the App. 


12. Balance and Cashing Out

Check your Balance in the side bar menu.

You can click Balance to Cash Out if you have reached the minimum required balance.

Click the Activity button to receive an email of your entire Activity and Payment history.